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I am Kiara, the designer & maker behind PADEMELON. An avid bushwalker, the wilderness makes my spirit sing.

For as long as I can remember, I've had an affinity with small creatures. As a young child I found great pleasure in the leafy depths my parent’s garden, befriending beetles and birds alike.

Drawn to its delightful title and diminutive stature, I chose the pademelon as the namesake for my studio.

PADEMELON products are designed for those who share my love of the natural world. Since starting this journey two years ago, I have met an incredible array of kindred spirits who find similar joy in unspoilt places and their animal inhabitants.

Made in my Sydney studio, from responsibly sourced timber and the highest quality findings, my jewellery is playful and bold, and yet understated enough for everyday. If I wouldn’t wear it myself, it never makes it to production.

I strive to create products which inspire conversation and encourage engagement with our increasingly fragile planet, and the multitude of lesser-known critters now under threat.